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About Us

The Bowman fam has always taken note of the “vibe” they felt while entering and shopping in various stores. We would always say we would love to create a store that offered the products that our family was introduced to by traveling outside of our local area; but more importantly had a “vibe” that was serene, welcoming, and with a staff that was dedicated to letting everyone know just how beautiful they are. Our goal with Manifest Boutique was and is to give the customer a sense of their worth, and ensure that they felt better inside and out when they leave than when they came in.

Our family often joked that if a storefront ever became available in the popular downtown Southern Pines area of our beloved town we would use all of our hard-earned data (aka shopping experience) to create something amazing. One of those locations did become available in the early spring of 2021. As a family, we began to hone in on the products and services each of us was drawn to. Eventually, this led to a discussion with the entire family to create something special. After months of getting the atmosphere just right, Manifest Boutiques was born.

With a focus on modern and classic fashion that is hand-picked by the whole family, we offer a wide range of all different styles and personalities between us all; including wellness and spiritual products to keep you centered and grounded. Our family has created a boutique that makes the customers feel welcomed and loved. Our goal always is that customers truly do leave the store looking like a million bucks and feeling just as good inside as out. We are huge believers and want everyone to always be~YOU~ tiful!